Let me live in light

I was young, faint, dark and dull, I needed friends, a life- a place to walk around without obstructions and bias. I heard what they said, every word, their each breath, I followed them the way they wanted me, but sooner I did realize I was just departing a part of me. When I look... Continue Reading →

Life & Love

The day comes when you cross the bars, When though the sun is there but you don’t feel the warmth, When you know you were just going fine, But suddenly feel anxiousness like never before, Your heart was the same hero who dealt with the dreary past But now he needs a break, because the... Continue Reading →

How much do I Love

You know I love you, But than comes the thing how much- More than the depth of deepest oceans, Higher than brightest heavens: I love you more. My day starts and end with you, Day dreaming, night thinking everything bout you, Each thought each drop, make me remind of you, Coz more than anyone else:... Continue Reading →

Attraction is like Addiction

Attraction is like addiction, you can’t leave the wine or you will die. We all humans, like to be loved, noticed, praised and cherished. But we all have crushes too. The one towards whom we are extremely attracted. If on the day when your job is lost, you met a person and he convinces you... Continue Reading →

what is it like to be a hero

What is it like to be a hero, look into your eyes and say that you haven’t suffered things, that u haven’t lost the ones you loved, the things you care about. Look into your eyes and take a glimpse of what a hero look like. Hero are not one superior to us and saving... Continue Reading →

Knowing yourself

Hi guys, here myself Aashish. So today I am going to describe a totally dramatic matter "Knowing yourself". The world has changed itself from last centuries from the time when we hunt in caves to now when we hunt space, from the time when the first apollo mission was launched to now when 17000 space... Continue Reading →

Possibilities will positivity

Hi guys here myself Aashish. Without wasting your time on wasteful introduction lemme tell you the story. What you think , how was your day today ? Might you find it good , might you find it bad but did you find it inspirational? Long way to go to understand this. How many of you... Continue Reading →


Superb i love to see about science and space and this pic is soo amazing that i can't stop myself to share... It is cool and i want that don't refuse and must give your views aashish HTC

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